Cooking contest with US chicken held in HCM City

The USAPEEC Tailored Seminar and Cooking Contest – Culinary Discovery with US Chicken has taken place at the Ho Chi Minh City-based University of Technology and Education.

The contest, organised by the USA Poultry and Eggs Export Council (USAPEEC) on May 5, required the chefs-to-be to create a dish with the main ingredient from US Chicken.

It contest gathered four powerful and professional judges including Chef Norbert Ehrbar, Iron Chef Le Xuan Tam, Chef Doan Van Tuan, Chef Tran Thanh Huy with 28 participating teams and 28 attractive and spectacular creative dishes.

A demonstration of three US Chicken recipes by Chef Norbert Ehrbar was delivered at the event.

Chef Norbert was born in Switzerland. Currently, he is a member of the World Master Chef Society and Co-Founder and Member of the Saigon Professional Chefs’ Guild. Over the years, he has made continuing efforts to introduce Vietnamese cuisine to the world.

US Chicken is not only delicious, safe in terms of food hygiene, but also good for your family's health. Chicken contains no carbohydrates and is lower in fat than beef or pork.

Chicken is lean and rich in protein, so it is considered one of the most healthy and nutritious kinds of food for your family's meals and health. In addition, chicken is easy and flexible in processing dishes. Chicken can be fried, roasted, baked in the microwave or even air fryer.

The USA Poultry and Eggs Export Council - USAPEEC has liaison offices around the world. From trade policies to promotional activities, the USAPEEC has been working to build demands globally. The US eggs and poultry industry is very strict in managing the quality, hygiene and food safety from farms to consumers.

The US Chicken is regularly inspected by USDA inspectors to maintain the highest quality in the world. Any signs of disease in chicken are detected very early by the USDA inspectors who were trained intensively.

The US poultry industry does not use hormones in livestock. When necessary and under the supervision of licensed veterinarians, antibiotics may be used to prevent disease in poultry.

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