Vietnamese e-passports set to be issued from August

VOV.VN-The Ministry of Public Security has promulgated a circular regarding the issuing of e-passports, with this policy set to take effect on August 14.

The move will see citizens over the age of 14 become eligible to apply for a passport that has an embedded electronic microprocessor chip that give detail about the passport holder.

E-passports are far more secure and harder to forge compared to their conventional ones. In addition, the microchip fitted in them is compatible with e-passport readers located at airports in most countries globally.

A Vietnamese e-passport contains 48 pages and two bright green cover pages. According to the format of Vietnamese e-passports, the name of the country, national emblem, a description of the document, and symbol of e-passport are printed on the cover.

To conform with ICAO standards, the size of the passport will meet ISO 7810, whilst the languages used in the passport will include both Vietnamese and English.

Applicants will just need to fill out a form in order to get a new e-passport, either online or at the police’s municipal and provincial immigration offices.