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Submitted by maithuy on Mon, 08/13/2012 - 16:27
A 33-episode drama featuring lives of Vietnamese expatriates in Eastern European countries will be introduced to the audience late this year.

Produced by Vietnam Television Film Center (VFC) and directed by Meritorious Artists Tran Quoc Trong and Vu Truong Khoa, the drama is entitled Hai phia chan troi (Horizon Sides).

It is based on the novel Mau va tuyet (Blood and Snow) by Tran Hoai Van, who also wrote the script for the drama, according to the local newspaper Nhan Dan (People Daily).

With the main settings shot in Germany, France, Poland and the Czech Republic, the film depicts endeavours Vietnamese people living abroad have made to make their ends meet as well as to preserve Vietnamese tradition and identity.

Apart from Vietnamese actors, the participation of foreign casts will also help the audience understand how Vietnamese expats overcome differences in language, culture, customs and tradition in their host countries.

VNA/VOV online

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