RoK offers one-year extension of stay for Vietnamese workers

VOV.VN - The Republic of Korea (RoK) unveiled a decision on April 13 aimed at extending the period of stay by one year for approximately 115,000 foreign workers, including those from Vietnam, in an effort to deal with continued labour shortages faced by small businesses in both the farming and fishing sectors.

This temporary extension of stay is set to apply to all E-9 non-professional employment and H-2 visiting employment visa holders, with the policy applicable to individuals whose period of stay and work in the RoK is due to expire between April 13 and December 31.

Various media outlets from the RoK have subsequently reported that these extraordinary measure are set to be carried out due to travel restrictions faced by migrant workers caused by the novel coronavirus (COVID-19). In addition, there are increasing labour shortages occurring in industrial, farming, and fishing businesses in the RoK.

According to the Ministries of Labour and Justice of the RoK, 62,239 E-9 visa holders who are eligible for the special measure will all be permitted to extend their period of stay and work activities by one year.

Data compiled by the Government of the RoK indicates that the number of foreign workers arriving with E-9 visas dropped sharply from 51,365 in 2019 to 6,688 last year. This decline was largely caused by the mass cancellation of international flights caused by the COVID-19 outbreak.

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