Proposal made to reopen regular flights to France, Germany, UK and Russia

VOV.VN - The frequency of regular international routes to France, Germany, the UK, and Russia could be expanded to 10 flights per week for one-way tickets applicable to all airlines of each side for each respective market.

This is the latest proposal being made by the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam (CAAV) regarding the expansion of the scope and frequency of regular international flights.

Most notably, the CAAV has requested that the Ministry of Transport grant permission to notify the aviation authorities of France, Germany, the UK, and Russia that airlines could potentially reopen regular international flights between Vietnam and these countries.

The CAAV also made the suggestion of working with other countries and territories to decide on the operational frequency on the basis of market demand and in line with aviation agreements signed between Vietnam and other countries and territories.

According to the initial assessment, travel demand to Vietnam from the European region will go through the gateways of France (Paris), Germany (Frankfurt), UK (London), and Russia (Moscow).

Passengers traveling from the European region to Vietnam will still have to fly through gateways that have direct flights. Therefore, the resumption of direct flights from this region to the nation can be considered necessary.

According to CAAV leaders, the expansion of destinations and frequencies mentioned above is essential and is in line with the travel needs of passengers, thereby creating conditions for all Vietnamese airlines to exploit the international aviation market. This can be used as a means of overcoming difficulties in order to stand firm for the cause of greater development.

During the opening week of the year, Vietnamese airlines launched 16 regular commercial flights from the United States, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, and Taipei (China), with the total number of passengers arriving in the nation reaching approximately 1,000.

The CAAV estimates that there are roughly 140,000 overseas Vietnamese who are wishing to return to their hometowns for Tet celebrations. It is anticipated that the number of passengers returning to the country will therefore exceed 30,000 passengers per week, including Vietnamese citizens, overseas Vietnamese and foreigners, including diplomats, officials, experts, and investors.

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