Programme on domestic violence prevention and control adopted

VOV.VN - Deputy Prime Minister Vu Duc Dam signed a decision on January 13 approving a programme on domestic violence prevention and control towards the year 2025.

The scheme has been designed to see 40% of households participate in talks on the issue organised by the commune People's Committees in villages and residential areas, with over 70% of people at risk of domestic violence being equipped with knowledge and skills to cope with the matter.

At least 50% of main television channels of the central and local governments should feature a regular programme on the topic of domestic violence prevention and control, while 95% of detected victims should be able to receive legal support and health care, according to the scheme.

Furthermore, over 80% of people who commit acts of domestic violence should be given consultations and knowledge and skills in order to control themselves.

Centrally-run cities and provinces have therefore been requested to have 95% of their communes, wards, and towns maintain the operation of family violence prevention and control models, with 90% of staff receiving relevant training.

As a means of achieving these targets, the scheme sets out the tasks of revamping laws and policies relating to domestic violence prevention and control. This is being done alongside stepping up co-ordination between ministries, sectors, and localities in meeting the programme’s targets and criteria. A  system providing support services will also be set up, along with further international co-operation and scientific research in the field and inspections over the enforcement of laws on this issues, all of which will be intensified.

Moreover, the plan outlines directions for future communication activities, requiring them to be based on the culture and social practice of each area, with closer attention paid to ethnic-inhabited areas.