Preparations for amnesty underway

The Central Council for Amnesty Consultation met in Hanoi on July 29 to discuss the 2013 amnesty plan. 

Deputy Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc reiterated the determination of the Party and Government to give due punishment to anyone who deliberately causes harm to the nation and to give leniency to those who have successfully repented during their prison terms. 

"The first amnesty of the year will be held on National Day (September 2), according to the decision signed by President Truong Tan Sang on July 20, 2013," the Deputy PM said. 

He asked the ministries, sectors and localities to carefully review the Amnesty Law, the Government Decree, the President's Decision, and instructions given by the Amnesty Council before making decisions that will allow prisoners to enjoy amnesty on National Day. 

He also asked the Ministry of Public Security, the Inspectorate and the Court to properly consult with the Amnesty Council to help them perform their duties at their best. 

Regarding the implementation of the Government Decree issued on September 16, 2011, he asked the Ministry of Public Security to complete the project on the community integration of released prisoners and to quickly submit it to the government for final approval. 

Under the President's 2013 amnesty decision, eligible inmates include those who are serving their prison terms and those whose life sentences have been commuted. 

Eligible inmates for amnesty must serve at least one-third of their prison sentence; for inmates serving a life sentence, they must serve at least 14 years of their sentences before being eligible for a review and a reduced sentence. 

However, under the President's decision, prisoners who have previously received amnesty but were sentenced to prison a second time for a serious crime, or those who have committed crimes detrimental to the national security will not be considered this time.

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