Panel recommends climate change adaptation solutions

(VOV) - A Red River delta forum has called for inter-provincial and inter-regional cooperation in cushioning the impact of climate change, especially rising sea levels, on coastal localities.

Meeting in Nam Dinh province on June 6-7, Vietnamese and foreign policymakers and scientists shared the results of research projects and evidence of the vulnerability of coastal localities, as well as regional-level solutions for climate change adaptation.

They agreed that climate change is exerting a negative impact on socio-economic development in coastal provinces, including those in the Red River delta.

They underlined an urgent need for promoting connectivity and integration between scientific research, policymaking, mechanism designing, and financial mobilisation for regional climate change adaptation efforts.

USAID Vietnam Director Joakim Parker voiced his organisation’s commitment to providing support for the Red River Delta, as it does for the Mekong Delta, saying analyzing and addressing the impact of climate change is of great significance for human health and prosperity in the region.

The Red River Delta is one of Vietnam’s two deltas which have been hardest hit by climate change, and poor farmers are the most vulnerable group.

The forum is part of the Forest and Delta program funded by USAID with the aim of strengthening people’s capacity to cope with the impact of climate change and supporting Vietnam in reducing waste in the agro-forestry sector.