Ministry asks Philippines to help Vietnamese nationals rescued in Pampanga

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MoFA) has instructed its Consular Department to contact the Philippine Embassy in Vietnam and ask for support in assisting the Vietnamese citizens among the over 1,000 forced labourers recently rescued in Pampanga province of the archipelago nation.

The MoFA said on May 9 that it proposed the Philippine authorities help ensure accommodation for the Vietnamese citizens, inform the Vietnamese side about their residence status, and help Vietnam repatriate the citizens whose stay is not permitted by the Philippines as soon as possible.

The ministry also asked the Philippine side to enhance cooperation in resolving the forced labour case involving Vietnamese citizens and strictly deal with violators.

According to the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines, local authorities on May 4 rescued more than 1,000 people, including Vietnamese nationals, who were forced to work at an establishment owned by the Clark Sun Valley Hub group in Pampanga province, near Manila capital. The rescued persons are staying safely at a facility arranged by Philippine authorities.

Shortly after being notified, the embassy visited the Vietnamese nationals, collected their information, and gave medication to some with health problems on May 6 and 9. It is working closely with relevant agencies of the Philippines to make assistance plans.

The MoFA also called on those who have information about the persons involved in forced labour or lured to work overseas to provide details via the citizen protection switchboard +84 981848484, the Consular Department’s email, the citizen protection hotline of the Vietnamese Embassy in the Philippines +63 9982756666, or their nearest representative agencies of Vietnam.

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