Global forum gathers nearly 200 young Vietnamese intellectuals

VOV.VN - The fourth forum of young Vietnamese intellectuals across the globe was held virtually on November 25, attracting the participation of 177 representatives from Vietnam and 16 countries and territories.

The two-day forum is being held at Hanoi-based National Economics University and connected to many venues worldwide.

Delegates are discussing a range of topics, including the digital economy, startup innovation, new technology application and transfer, digital transformation and solutions, among others.

The two-day forum serves to provide a chance for young Vietnamese intellectuals both at home and abroad to examine ways to contribute to the national digital transformation programme by 2025, with a vision for 2030.

Following three such forums, 640 Vietnamese intellectuals have put forward a total of 415 proposals on socio-economic development.

A network of young Vietnamese intellectuals with over 1,000 members has now been established. In addition, a number of research groups on mechanical engineering, automation, agriculture 4.0, circular economy and sustainable development, educational technology, pandemic control, and healthcare technology 4.0 have also been established.

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