France to host One Global Vietnam Summit

VOV.VN - One Global Vietnam Summit is scheduled to take place on November 4 - 5 in Paris, France, aiming to connect talent, creative ideas, and sustainable development policies for Vietnam and the wider world over the coming decades.

The event will be operated under the theme of "Talent. Innovation. Sustainability" (TIS) and will be organised by the Association of Vietnamese Scientists and Experts (AVSE Global).

AVSE Global believes that climate change, Industry 4.0, and the COVID-19 pandemic are causing profound and vast changes to Vietnam and the world. These represent both challenges and opportunities for the country to adapt to and find innovative directions in which to boost sustainable development.

The “One Global Vietnam” Summit will therefore offer an opportunity for leading experts, intellectuals, businesspeople, and policymakers to think, share ideas, and suggest action plans in which to transform Vietnam into a developed country by 2045.

Along with distinguished guest speakers, the Summit will also bring together 100 leading Vietnamese and international experts and intellectuals in selected strategic fields. They will be representing large corporations, businesses, governmental organisations, and non-governmental organisations.

AVSE Global is a Paris-based organisation with a global reach that is pioneering in strategic advisory, top executive education schemes, and science and policy forums. It strives to bring about innovative solutions for the sustainable development of the nation by connecting collective intellectual strengths of talented Vietnamese experts and intellectuals worldwide with strong aspirations to contribute to the country’s progress.

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