Vietnamese determination in corruption fight praised

VOV.VN - Through the strong political determination shown by the Communist Party of Vietnam and its General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong, the country has successfully recorded significant results in combating corruption.

Dr. Nguyen Hong Hai, a researcher at the Centre for Policy Futures under the University of Queensland in Australia, made the statement in a recent media interview.

Dr. Hai emphasised that this determination is demonstrated through the commitment which seeks to handle corruption without “any forbidden zone and exceptions”, and mechanisms to achieve the goals of "not wanting to, not daring to, not being able to, and not needing to commit corruption".

General Secretary Nguyen Phu Trong has also repeatedly stressed that the fight against corruption and other negative phenomena has now become an irreversible trend, Dr. Hai said, adding that the strong resolve to combat corruption has its origin in three points, first of all is to safeguard the regime.

Second is the fight against corruption is closely linked to the goal of a developing into a strong country with wealthy people, as well as creating a democratic, fair, and civilised society. As a result, it will be hard to genuinely achieve these objectives without effectively combating corruption, Dr. Hai stressed. 

Finally, the fight is for the prestige and honour of the Party. The expert expressed belief that if there were an index in which to assess public confidence in the anti-corruption work, the index would certainly increase each year. He said that the more corruption cases are openly and transparently addressed, the higher level of trust in the Party and State’s political determination will be. 

Dr. Chu Hoang Long of the Australian National University said that the country’s upward movement in the corruption perceptions index (CPI) report by the Transparency International indicates that the nation’s efforts in combating corruption have resulted in significant changes recognised by international experts.

Vietnam makes up one of the 25 countries that has enjoyed an improvement in its ranking, gaining three points and moving up 10 places compared to the previous ranking.

Looking at the index, it can be said that Vietnam makes up a bright spot in the fight against corruption, Dr. Long said.

Combating corruption is therefore a long-term and complicated process that demands steadfast belief in principles and theories, along with resolute determination and political strength, he  said.

The primary cause behind corruption is the general lack of transparency, meaning it is essential to further increase transparency in the exercise of authority and responsibilities by management agencies, Dr. Long added.

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