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Submitted by ctv_en_2 on Thu, 05/29/2008 - 15:00
Vietnam has welcomed positive developments in the Middle East and voiced support for the key role of the League of Arab States in handling regional affairs.

Speaking at the UN Security Council consultations on the Middle East situation on May 28, Ambassador Bui The Giang, Deputy Permanent Representative to the Council spoke highly of the conducting of direct negotiations between Israel and Palestine, and long-awaited indirect talks between Israel and Syria, as well as other steps to be taken by the Palestinian Authority to enhance national unity, security and socio-economic development.


He praised the initial success of the Palestine Investment Conference in Bethlehem from May 21-23, and the continued commitment of key stakeholders to the Middle East process as exemplified recently in the Declaration of the 20th Arab Summit and the Statement of the Quartet.


While extending congratulations to Israel’s 60th founding anniversary, the Vietnamese diplomat asserted that Palestinians and Israelis have a shared future and deserve the rights to peaceful coexistence.


“These can be only achieved through the implementation of the Arab Peace Initiative, the land-for-peace principle, and the establishment of an independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital,” he said.


Ambassador Giang expressed his deep concern about the security situation in the Occupied Palestinian Territory due to Israel’s continued military incursions, the rise in civilian casualties and the vast and wanton destruction caused by continued attacks against both Palestinians and Israelis, the ongoing construction of illegal settlements and the Wall in the West Bank, and thousands of Palestinians being detained in Israeli prisons without trial as well as the continued embargo that make the humanitarian crisis in Gaza deteriorate at appalling levels.


He called upon parties concerned to cease all acts of violence that may have a negative impact on the ongoing peaceful negotiations under international humanitarian law.


Ambassador Giang said: “We join the Secretary-General and the international community in urging Israel to immediately put an end to all restrictions on the movement of persons and goods in order to protect human life and alleviate the suffering of the civilian population in the Occupied Territory, especially in Gaza, thus bringing the Middle East peace process fully back on track.”


The Ambassador also noted the increase in the number of Israeli air violations and the hindrance of operations of the UN Inrterim Force in Lebanon (UNIFIL). He appealed to the parties concerned to exercise maximum restraint and called for a full implementation of Resolution 1701 with due respect for the independence, sovereignty and territorial integrity of Lebanon.


The Vietnamese diplomat welcomed the election of Michel Suleiman as the President of Lebanon and considered this an important breakthrough that helps end the 18-month-long crisis and brings the country back to normal development.


“We hope that under the leadership of President Suleiman, the Lebanese people will achieve further progress in the process of strengthening peace and security, enhancing socio-economic development and promoting national reconciliation and unity,” he added.


Affirming Vietnam’s support of the key role of the League of Arab States in regional affairs, the Ambassador urged all Lebanese parties to build on the momentum and strive for the full implementation of the Doha agreement. This will contribute not only to sovereignty, political independence, territorial integrity and stability of Lebanon, meeting the aspirations and interests of the Lebanese people, but also to a better political and security environment in the region, he said.


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