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State President Nguyen Minh Triet inspected socio-economic development and judicial reform programmes in the northern mountainous province of Lao Cai during a visit from August 9-11.

He praised the provincial Party Committee, administration and people for their efforts in achieving steady economic growth over the past few years and especially for creating efficient economic models to boost rural development and agricultural production. Despite global financial woes, Lao Cai has achieved a relatively high GDP growth rate of 11 percent while maintaining social welfare.

Mr Triet pointed out some challenges facing the province, including poor infrastructure and a high poverty rate of 23 percent. He asked Lao Cai to speed up its economic restructuring, focusing on industry, services, tourism and bordergate economy, while paying attention to increasing agricultural productivity.

In addition to maintaining national defence, security and stability in the border areas, he asked Lao Cai to make further progress in health care, education and culture and to thoroughly prepare for grassroots-level Party congresses in 2010.

“The province should better handle ethnic affairs and continue reducing poverty in areas inhabited by ethnic minority groups,” said Mr Triet. “Exemplary role models among ethnic groups should be publicly recognised to build up their confidence and the spirit of unity – an important factor behind the locality’s stability and development.”

He also reminded the province to develop and expand the existing ethnic boarding school and train officials for ethnic areas.

He agreed to the province’s proposals to build an airport and a highway as part of the “Two Corridors and an Economic Beltway” programme between Vietnam and China. He instructed the Ministry of Transport and the Ministry of Planning and Investment to speed up construction of Lao Cai Airport to exploit the tourism potential of Sa Pa, and hasten the construction of the 19km long highway across the province to spur local economic development.

He urged Lao Cai to raise public awareness of law, especially among ethnic groups.

“We are building a law-governed socialist state in which everyone lives and works according to the law,” Mr Triet stressed.

He encouraged the province to provide incentives to train and attract more officials to judicial agencies.

During his stay, Mr Triet visited the Lao Cai International Border Gate, the Kim Thanh Trade and Industrial Zone, the Lao Cai-Cam Duong New Urban Area, the provincial Military Command, the provincial Police Force, the provincial Ethnic Boarding School and the homes of a number of local ethnic families.

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