COVID-19 must be contained at all costs, says PM

VOV.VN - Prime Minister Pham Minh Chinh reiterated the Government’s resolve to contain the latest COVID-19 outbreak by any means necessary, including vaccinations, at a ceremony held on September 1 in Hanoi to celebrate Vietnam’s National Day.

In his opening address, PM Chinh said Vietnam has recorded tremendous achievements 35 years on from implementing the Doi Moi (Renewal) process and integrating into the wider world.

After starting out as a poor and underdeveloped nation several decades ago, he said that Vietnam has now become a developing and middle-income nation that is home to approximately 100 million people with a GDP per capita of more than US$3,500.

However, he stated that people in the present day are living in an era of globalisation that has witnessed rapid and unpredictable changes. The COVID-19 pandemic has over the past two years dealt a heavy blow to global recovery efforts, thereby causing economic recessions, affecting people’s health, as well as increasing unemployment, poverty, inequality, and a lack of security and safety for people.

Furthermore, traditional and non-traditional security challenges have emerged, such as war, conflicts, terrorism, climate change, rising sea levels, and an aging population.

“The situation brings us great opportunities, but also poses numerous challenges that are increasingly complex and unpredictable,” said the PM.

Amid the threat of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Government leader noted that the country will press ahead with the dual task of epidemic prevention measures and economic development, with top priority given to protecting people’s health.

“We are determined to prevent and curb the pandemic by all measures, especially through vaccinations…,” he stated.

PM Chinh went on to share the difficulties faced by the business community, expressing that the Government will always stand side by side with the business community to help them weather the COVID-19 crisis whilst maintaining production and supply chains.

As the pandemic is anticipated to last for a long period of time, the PM put forward the suggestion that countries and international organisations further promote international co-operation, along with sharing important resources. This includes the transfer of technology, finance, materials, and equipment, all for the cause of helping to get through the current crisis.

He said he hopes that Vietnam will continue to receive additional vaccine support from partners and organisations in the COVID-19 fight.

He also suggested that countries facilitate international investment-trade cooperation, and the transport of people and goods, so that the production and supply chains will not be disrupted globally.