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Submitted by nguyenlaithin on Sat, 01/22/2011 - 17:02
An article by Detlef.D.Pries on German’s Neues Deutschland (New Germany) Newspaper published on January 20 praised the success of Vietnam’s 11th National Party Congress.

The newspaper said Vietnam witnessed an important political event before welcoming the Lunar New Year.  

The Congress was held with the participation of delegates representing for over 3.6 million party members in the country. It made plans for Vietnam’s development for the period until 2020. 

Delegates highly praised Renewal Process (Doi Moi)’s achievements over the past 25 years. Vietnam has become one of the world’s fastest growing economics developing, with the average growth rate of 7.2 percent during the last decade, the article said.  

It quoted Vietnam’s leaders confirming that the Ho Chi Minh Thought and Marxism-Leninism served as the foundation and guidelines for Vietnam’s Party. The Congress was determined that Vietnam would become a modern industrialised country by 2020. 

Junge Welt (Young World), another German newspaper, on January 20 run an article to emphasise the value of democracy about the 11th National Party Congress. 

For the first time, “democracy” was placed before “equality” in the Party’s political programm, the newspaper quoted Professor Le Huu Nghia, Director of the Ho Chi Minh National Academy of Politics and Public Administration.

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