VinFast cooperates with AUTOBEST to develop electric cars

VinFast Trading and Service Ltd Co and Autobest, Europe's oldest automobile rating organisation, announced a strategic partnership agreement on October 1.

The event demonstrates their mutual commitment to accelerating the transition from internal combustion engine (ICE) cars to environment-friendly electric vehicles in the European market.

For VinFast, the partnership with Autobest affirms that Europe is one of the key markets in the company’s global expansion strategy and that VinFast electric car models can satisfy the standards in the world's most demanding automobile market. Cooperating with Autobest will also allow VinFast more opportunities to participate in the organisation's events and agendas, thereby rapidly promoting its presence in Europe.

Meanwhile, Autobest, as an organisation representing European consumers' voices in the automotive field, is capable of assisting VinFast in identifying customer needs and behaviours in the local market. By entering the strategic partnership with VinFast, Autobest will receive extended support to carry out its mission of transitioning from traditional ICE cars to electric vehicles, pushing forward the clean energy and sustainable mobility trend in Europe.

Autobest Chairman Dan Vardie said he appreciated VinFast's approach when focusing on developing smart electric vehicles and expected it to move deeper into the European market very soon.

Tran Thi Hong Bich, CEO of VinFast Europe, said the company is committed to providing smart electric cars with trendy and classy designs, in line with the development trends in the European and global markets.

In 2018, VinFast first attended the prestigious Paris Motor Show and received the "A Star is Born" award from Autobest. This was the first winner of this award category, which is dedicated to newly established brands with impressive achievements in the automotive industry.

On March 24 this year, VinFast officially received orders for VF e34 - the very first smart electric car model in the Vietnamese market. Nearly 4,000 orders for VF e34 had been placed within the first 12 hours. VinFast is scheduled to officially launch its next smart electric vehicles in global markets including the US, Canada, Germany, France, and the Netherlands in 2022.