Impacts of COVID-19 on garment, footwear workers under discussion

VOV.VN-The Vietnam General Confederation of Labour’s Institute for Workers and Trade Unions (IWTU) came together with the Netherlands Trade Union Confederation to hold a webinar on December 28 in Hanoi to look at the impacts of the pandemic on footwear and garment workers and trade union activities.

As part of his address at the event, Nhac Phan Linh, deputy director of the IWTU, said enterprises operating in the garment and footwear industries in the nation have faced plenty of challenges and difficulties caused by the COVID-19 pandemic over the past two years.

According to Linh, although the textile and garment industry once again recorded growth after major markets such as the United States, the EU, and Japan re-opened, many enterprises, especially those based in the south, still have to refuse new orders due to lack of labourers, along with high costs for production and pandemic control.

During the event, participants discussed and evaluated the impact of COVID-19 on various aspects of employment and life of garment and footwear workers, as well as the involvement and role of trade unions in protecting employees from some of the negative impacts of the pandemic. The occasion also served to support enterprises in overcoming difficulties whilst safely and flexibly adapting to the pandemic.

According to Ho Thi Kim Ngan, deputy head of the Vietnam General Confederation of Labour (VGCL)’s Labour Relations Department, the COVID-19 pandemic has caused nearly three million workers to stop working, quit, lose their jobs, suspend labour contracts, or take unpaid leave.

Trade unions have adopted therefore many policies to support their members and employees, she said, adding that the role of trade unions in dialogue and negotiation must strongly promoted ahead in 2022 to help workers effectively cope with the pandemic.