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Submitted by honghanh on Wed, 06/04/2008 - 17:50
The FPT Software Europe, a member of the FPT Software Joint Stock Company under the FPT Corporation, will start its business on June 13, said the Corp.’s Vice President of Management Board and Vice General Director, Bui Quang Ngoc, at a press conference on June 4 in Hanoi.

With its initial capital of US$300,000, the company, FPT Corp.’s first branch company in Europe, is located at 11 cours Valmy 92977 Paris La Defense cedex, France.


According to Mr Ngoc, the company is the group’s third branch overseas. The two others include Japan and Singapore.


After starting its operations, FPT Software Europe will provide services to some big customers including Renault, BNP Parisbas, Neopost and Hitachi Europe, he added.


In 2008, the company plans to do business in three markets of the UK, France and Belgium, with a turnover target of US$7 million. It will continue expanding to Sweden, Denmark and the Netherland in 2009 and looks forward to setting up its second branch in Europe by 2010.


FPT Software Joint Stock Company entered the European market in 2000 and has succeeded in developing a group of hundreds of skilled software engineers./.

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