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Ericsson Vietnam ’s Deputy General Director, Denis Brunetti, has recognised the country as a promising market, citing an increasing influx of foreign investors in the industry as evidence, in an interview with Vietnam News Agency. 
He also unveiled long-term investments in Vietnam with commitments to supply green technology for the domestic telecommunications industry to ensure sustainable growth and industrial expansion in harmony with society and the environment. 

He said that the Vietnamese government’s vision for rural and remote areas and domestic suppliers of information technology and communications has given his company the confidence to adapt to green technologies. 

Brunetti described the target set by Vinaphone of attracting 100,000 additional subscribers of 3G a week as a good decision by telecoms leader. He added that he made the evaluation based on his experience with Ericsson which has conered 49 percent of the global 3G market. 

The country representative of ZTE, one of the five leading global equipment suppliers, Mao Cheng Yu, shared his view, saying “ Vietnam is leading the world in telecoms growth and is a market with enormous potential”. 

He emphasised that the Government’s recent approval for launching 3G services was made at the right time when both suppliers and consumers are ready to take advantage of the services available and has opened up many major opportunities for foreign telecom businesses, including ZTE. 

Also, ZTE has not missed the chance to become one of the top three 3G suppliers to Vinaphone and the military-run business Viettel, the two leading companies supplying the service in Vietnam . 

Orange France Telecom Vietnam has also pointed out its long-term investment in the Southeast Asian country and its director’s ambitious commitments. 

“One of our main targets is to become a strategic partner with a leading telecoms supplier in Vietnam,” said country director Jacques Fulcrant.

Statistics released by the Vietnam Post and Telecommunications Group (VNPT) show that Vietnam has emerged as the fastest-growing IT market in the world. 

As of late October, the country has over 99 million mobile telephone subscribers, some 6.7 million internet subscribers and almost 22 million internet users, representing nearly 24.5 percent of the country’s population. 

These achievements have been recognised by the International Telecommunications Union in its annual report-2008.

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