Central Retail opens its 6th mini go! supermarket in Vietnam

Central Retail on July 19 officially inaugurated a mini go! supermarket in Dien Ban township in the central province of Quang Nam, marking the 6th outlet of its kind in Vietnam.

Spanning 2,000 square metres, the latest outlet offers a comprehensive range of amenities, including eating-shopping-playing facilities which promise to captivate residents of Dien Ban and neighbouring areas.

Tran Uc, Chairman of the Dien Ban Township People's Committee, expressed his delight at the grand opening of Dien Ban mini go!.

He affirmed that this supermarket would play a significant role in transforming the urban landscape, serving as a modern shopping and entertainment hub that would elevate Dien Ban's socio-economic status in the near future.

Olivier Langlet, CEO of Central Retail Vietnam, shared that Dien Ban mini go! marks a noteworthy milestone as the 6th mini go! supermarket launched by Central Retail Group in Vietnam, signifying the group's expanding presence in Vietnam and Quang Nam province.

Furthermore, the supermarket has created 100 employment opportunities and improved the quality of life for local populace.

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