Vietnam boosts int’l links to stop terrorism, ensure human rights

Vietnam pledges to actively collaborate with other countries and international organisations to counteract terrorism and guarantee fundamental human rights. 

Ambassador Nguyen Trung Thanh, Head of Vietnam’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in Geneva, was speaking at a discussion session of the UN Human Rights Council held on June 30. 

He reiterated Vietnam’s stance, condemning any terrorism activity and violence against innocent civilians and saying as a member of the international conventions on human rights, the country has actively implemented solutions such as completing a comprehensive legal framework under the Law on Anti-Terrorism in 2013. 

The diplomat continued that any terrorism activity will face strict consequences to serve justice and ensure national security, public order, safety and individual dignity. 

Counter-terrorism laws and measures such as intensifying security inspections and information collection should be carried out in a comprehensive and balanced fashion to ensure fundamental human rights, including the right to freedom for all citizens across the globe, he added. 

Participants focused their discussions on the direct and multi-dimensional impacts of terrorism on the full entitlement to human rights, especially the rights to life, freedom and individual safety. 

More than 50 countries took part in the dialogue to share experience in preventing violence, threats or terrorism attacks as well as avoiding indirectly funding terrorism activities and managing terrorists. 

According to UN conventions, protocols and resolutions, nations are responsible for cooperating with one another to enact measures against terrorism.