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Submitted by ctv_en_6 on Tue, 12/15/2009 - 18:49
Over 170 things left by famous foreign rock and roll artists are being displayed at the Kumho Asiana Plaza in Ho Chi Minh City.

For the first time Vietnamese music lovers have the opportunity to see things belonging to well-known artists such as John Lennon, Jon Bon Jovi and Elvis Presley.

Among them are the coat John Lennon wore when performing “Give peace a chance” in Wahington D.C in 1969, the jean jacket Jon Bon Jovi wore in 1980s, Elvis Presley’s No 23 baseball jersey, Madonna’s jacket and the dress Martha Reeve wore when performing the single “I should be proud” which was considered to be the first song in protest against the war in Vietnam.

Stephane Grenier, managing director of Hard Rock Cafe, said that as of now, the store has collected over 70,000 souvenirs of famous rock stars, 30 percent of which are signed.

About 25 percent of all the personal belongings were gathered and donated by fans and 15 percent of them were auctioned successfully for charity.

The unique collection of memorabilia is for public view from December 15-21.

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