Vietnam takes preventive measures against bird flu

The Department of Preventive Medicine requested the healthcare sector and relevant agencies to conduct measures to tackle avian viruses, with the likelihood of outbreaks in the country still high.

vietnam takes preventive measures against bird flu hinh 0

According to a report from the World Health Organisation (WHO), China continued to record human infections with avian influenza A/H7N9 virus in recent weeks while poultry in Laos and the Philippines have been infected with A/H5N1 and A/H5N6 viruses. 

Although no A/H7N9, A/H5N2 and A/H5N8 strains have been reported in poultry or humans in Vietnam, the viruses could enter the country from its neighbours.

Health departments nationwide need to promote communication, recommending citizens use poultry products with clear origin and meeting food safety standards. Citizens must work with the veterinary sector and local authorities to detect and address bird flu outbreaks.

The departments should also enhance inspection of poultry imports via border gates and crack down on the transportation and trade of poultry without quarantine and clear origins.

Once discovering ill or dead poultry, people must inform local authorities immediately. They should go to medical facilities if they experience a fever, cough, chest pain or breathing problems.

As part of the efforts to step up bird flu vigilance, sufficient medicine, isolation areas and healthcare equipment must be ready in case of outbreak, the preventive medicine department said.


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