Vietnam, Cuba to expand cooperation in agriculture

VOV.VN - Vietnam and Cuba exchanged views on the intention to continue strengthening cooperation in agriculture during a reception in Havana for Vice Chair of the National Assembly Tong Thi Phong.

vietnam, cuba to expand cooperation in agriculture  hinh 0
During the reception on February 15, President Esteban Lazo Hernández of the National Assembly of People's Power, expressed the will of his working team to further expand commercial trade with Vietnam in this segment including aquaculture.

Mr Hernández said this collaboration is a priority for the two countries and stressed complementarity between the two nations to share experiences and support each other to increase efficiency in productivity and food quality.

Mr Hernández also highlighted the importance of mutual cooperation to increase exports to Vietnam of traditional Cuban products such as lobster, organic honey and coffee, among others, as well as the joint production of genetically improved seeds for tropical pests.

Ms Phong availed the opportunity to update his hosts about the Vietnam economic and social model and in particular recent changes in the agricultural segment to ensure food security for the people.

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