Ministry launches worker health and safety campaign

VOV.VN - A month-long campaign to raise awareness on basic occupational safety and health issues in all sectors of the economy was launched on May 1 by the Ministry of Labour, Invalids and Social Affairs.

ministry launches worker health and safety campaign  hinh 0
An exhibition on occupational safety and health
Efforts to improve workplace safety remain the highest priority for the Vietnam government, said Minister Dao Ngoc Dung of the Ministry during a speech today (May 18) at a campaign event in Hanoi.

This campaign aims to reach out to all workers in all sectors and segments to help them better understand safety areas, said Mr Dung. We also aim to encourage business owners and managers to become aware of their responsibility regarding safety and health matters.

It is vital that government officials, business owners and managers, and workers cooperate to build a culture of safety in Vietnam.

A series of safety-related radio and television commercials will also be broadcast throughout the month.

They will focus on key areas such as – what to do in case of a fire; maternity protection; safety is everybody's responsibility and the role of safety committees, which comprise representatives of management and the workers.  


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