Hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak strikes central Vietnam

VOV.VN - Over the past week, health officials in the central highlands Dak Lak Province have identified more than a dozen cases of hand, foot and mouth disease, an illness commonly seen in children.

hand, foot and mouth disease outbreak strikes central vietnam hinh 0

The outbreak is becoming more common in day care centres and elementary schools. Along with painful mouth sores, hand, foot and mouth disease causes fever and a skin rash on both the hands and feet.

Hand, foot and mouth is due to a virus that lives in the intestines, and it is very contagious, said the health officials. They noted that late summer and early fall are when enteroviruses – those related to the intestines – seem to spread readily.

Health officials in the province have asked all livestock and poultry farms, which are the source of the virus, to vaccinate their livestock, spray chemicals regularly and clean the animal pens regularly to prevent its spread. 


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