White House: No evidence has emerged about US voting fraud

There has been no evidence of widespread election fraud in the Nov. 8 presidential contest, the White House said on November 28 in reaction to US President-elect Donald Trump's tweet over the weekend alleging millions of illegal votes and fraud in three states.

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U.S. President elect Donald Trump walks up a staircase to depart the lobby of the New York Times building after a meeting in New York, U.S., November 22, 2016. 
White House spokesman Josh Earnest, speaking to reporters at a daily briefing, deferred comments on Trump's specific tweets to the president-elect's team, but added: "What I can say, as an objective fact, is that there has been no evidence produced to substantiate a claim like that."

Still, Wisconsin officials on November 28 prepared to launch a recount of the state's more than 25 million votes, following Stein's request last week, a move that was joined by Clinton's lawyers.

"If nothing else, this will give us a very good audit," Mark Thomsen, the chair of the Wisconsin Elections Commission, said on November 28. "It's going to reassure Wisconsin voters that we have a fair system, that we're not counting illegal votes."

A statement on the Wisconsin Elections Commission's website said the recount was scheduled to begin on December 1 and had to be completed by Dec. 13.

Meanwhile, Donald Trump's transition team on November 28 pushed back against an effort to recount Nov. 8's presidential election votes, calling the effort "nonsense," but offering no evidence to back a weekend Trump tweet alleging millions of illegal votes.

Following Trump's stunning victory in the presidential contest, talk of recounts has swirled, with the Republican president-elect adding a surprise twist to the discussion.

On November 27, Trump tweeted that "serious voter fraud" occurred in California, New Hampshire, and Virginia, states won by his opponent, Democrat Hillary Clinton.

All three states rejected Trump's claim.


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