Thai police fly to Malaysia to verify shrine bomb suspect

Thailand’s deputy national police chief Chakthip Chaijinda and his entourage have arrived in Malaysia to verify and directly interrogate a detained man who is suspected a yellow-shirted bomber in the Erawan shrine blast that killed 20 and injured 130 in August.

Thai officers have met with Malaysian Police Chief Khalid Abu Bakar to ascertain about whether the suspected man in the bomb blast is the arrested man in a raid in Malaysia on September 19, reported the Bangkok Post on September 22.

Late on September 19, Malaysian police raided several rental apartments in Kuala Lumpur and detained a suspect who looks like the suspected yellow-shirted bomber.

Malaysian authorities contacted their Thai counterparts asking them to show pictures of their suspect to detained suspects Yusufu Mieraili, and Bilal Turk, also known as Adem Karadag, and ask them to confirm if the man detained in Malaysia is the yellow-shirted bomber.

The suspects, however, told Thai authorities they did not know the man detained in Malaysia, the source added.

But after two days of questioning, the new suspect allegedly confessed to Malaysian police he was the Erawan bomber, who was caught on security cameras wearing a yellow shirt while carrying a backpack to the shrine on August 17. He left the backpack there shortly before the explosion went off.