Myanmar: More gunmen killed by government troops

The Myanmar government’s troops announced on October 13 that 10 more gunmen were killed in a fighting with the government troops in Maungtaw town, Rakhine state.

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According to an official report, the gunmen were killed while fleeing to the west of Kyetyoepin village and fighting back the government troops. 

In another incident the same day, five armed men attacked the headquarters of border post No.1 near Kikanpyin village, Maungtaw town, and set fire to 25 houses in Warlaik village before withdrawing in a southeast direction. 

Over the past two days, four soldiers and one attacker were killed in clashes between government troops and 300 armed men in Pyaungpit village near Maungtaw town.

During a clearance operation in three villages, the government troops found seven bodies with weapons and captured four attackers alive. The four attackers are currently under interrogation.

On October 9, at least nine police officers were killed, five people wounded and one missing when gunmen attacked three border posts in Maungtaw, Rathedaung and Ngakhuya simultaneously. Eight armed men were also killed and two were captured alive.

Since then, a curfew from 7p.m. to 6a.m. has been imposed in Maungtaw. A total of 390 schools in Maungtaw and surrounding areas have been closed.