Bright spot in Obama’s foreign policy legacy

(VOV.VN) - President Barack Obama will leave the White House in several months, concluding his 8-year term.

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Observers say there are many bright spots in his legacy and Mr. Obama should be proud of what he did in foreign policy. 

In 2008, Mr. Obama took over the US from hard-line Republican President George W. Bush , who left a heavy legacy: serious economic crisis, the country bogged down in costly Iraq and Afghanistan wars and unsympathetic attitude from other countries because of the US inference. 

For a long time before becoming the US President, Mr. Obama had showed his disapproval of Mr. Bush’s pro-war policy. After taking office, President Obama made efforts to realise his ideas of bringing the US out of those two wars and avoid another war. 

 To date, when his term comes to an end, he has basically fulfilled his commitment, consolidating the US strength and restoring its image in the world community.

Under the Obama administration, the US has refrained from using force in Iraq and Afghanistan to prevent US casualties and reduce pressure from the world public. 

In Syria and Libya issues, Washington has adopted flexible measures. The US has let its allies to participate in and share responsibilities. In the face of the rising Islamic State, Washington keeps playing the leading role in the intolerable fights against terror but everything is in check with a prudent attitude. 

Another highlight in Mr. Obama’s foreign policy is “pivot” to Asia including Southeast Asia. The US has increased its military presence in the region, while a series of diplomatic activities have been carried out. 

These moves have helped the US win favour of Southeast Asian countries and Japan in terms of guaranteeing freedom of maritime navigation and adherence to international law in the East Sea and East China Sea. 

Despite its diplomatic successes in Iran and Cuba, there has been a big problem for the US to resolve: the denuclearization on the Korean peninsula. 

Settling the nuclear issue with Tehran and normalizing relations with Havana, President Obama has gone into the history as a peace creator. He has helped the US to maintain its role as world leader and continue to promote freedom and democracy.


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