Tourist numbers plummet in first four months

Up to 2,698,324 foreign visitors were estimated to visit Vietnam during the first four months of the year, an annual reduction of 12.2%.

There were more than 2.2 million airline passengers, while 439,100 and 24,200 tourists entered Vietnam by road and water, respectively. All three groups experienced a drop up to 30% from 2014. 

The volume of Asian travellers was 1.73 million people, falling 12.9% year on year, with the number of Chinese, Lao, Cambodian, Thai and Indonesian nationals showing the highest decreases, ranging from 21% to 36%. Meanwhile, more tourists from the Republic of Korea and Singapore visited Vietnam. 

There was also a decrease in European visitors, with an annual 8.4% drop overall. In contrast, the Americas contributed 229,500 tourists, equalling a year-on-year increase of 3%. 

Industry experts will now start assessing the reasons behind the significant drop, especially as the number of tourist arrivals was targeted to rise this year.