The Travel names 10 reasons why Vietnam should be on your bucket list

One more thing in the list that travelers will not want to leave behind is the Vietnamese hospitality as they can immerse in the local culture.

the travel names 10 reasons why vietnam should be on your bucket list hinh 0
Ha Long Bay, one of the most spectacular destination in Vietnam. Photo: Webjet Exclusives

The Travel, a famous Canadian site for travel tips and guides, has recently enumerated ten awesome reasons making Vietnam an indispensable destination that people should visit at least once during their lifetime.

The site stressed that Vietnam can offer visitors perfect vacations with various types of travels including “kayaking in the ocean, browsing through markets loaded with handmade goods, or visiting the crumbling ruins of ancient temples.”

 The first amazing thing in Vietnam for backpackers is the affordable price as visitors can see some of the most beautiful landscapes of the world in Vietnam with reasonable  costs, save lots of money in traveling across the country by public transport and several choices for budget accommodation.

 Second, Vietnam is full of peaceful and relaxing destinations with stunning natural landscapes where travelers can chill out after breaking from their stressful and busy life.

 Third, travelers to Vietnam just purely to explore local history, could visit several relics still standing today and hear local stories about wartime.

 One more thing in the list that travelers will not want to leave behind is the Vietnamese hospitality as they can immerse in the local culture when visiting Vietnam by spending time with friendly locals at major landmarks and popular attractions, who are willing to share their stories and ways of life.

 “Leaving what you know behind and experiencing the world from the perspective of a Vietnamese farmer, for example, will open up your eyes. Not only will you learn a lot about Vietnamese culture, but in doing so you’ll learn a lot about yourself,” The Travel noted.

 Fifth, on any trek through the country, visitors can experience so many different kinds of settings, which are all stunning natural landscapes.

 Vietnam boasts some beautiful national parks and some of the world’s largest natural caves, according to Tripzilla, a Southeast Asia travel platform. There is ample chance to see luscious jungle and forests, flowing rivers and waterfalls, and some of the most stunning coastlines on the planet, the article wrote.

 Besides, the outdoor activities, diverse shopping options, authentic Vietnamese cuisines, the taste of fresh and tropical fruits and the sample of rice or corn wine are also charming reasons that The Travel included Vietnam in the list.


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