The internet loves this flowery Saigon ice cream. Do you?

Opened in January this year, Roseice Saigon has a flowery surprise for ice-cream lovers in Saigon: delicious, cold gelato in the shape of a colorful rose.

the internet loves this flowery saigon ice cream. do you? hinh 0

The shop has quickly won the hearts of young Saigonese with its beautiful roses with different flavors in each petal.

Earlier this week, Insider Dessert catapulted Roseice Saigon to a new level by posting a video on its Facebook page showing how its cool, colorful roses are made.

“Booking my flight to Vietnam,” Matt Greenberg wrote on Facebook, while Manisha Masani told her friends: “This is the next ice cream craze we need to try.”

If you happen to be in Saigon now, check out this ice cream shop at 64-66 Ngo Duc Ke Street in District 1 and tell the world what you think about this Saigonese version of rose ice cream.


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