Thailand remains top of mind with travelers

The latest findings from the Tourism Authority of Thailand (TAT)’s Intelligence Center show that Thailand’s strong brand awareness continues to place it at the top of the mind with holidaymakers.

thailand remains top of mind with travelers hinh 0

The TAT Intelligence Center ranked Bangkok first for international visitor arrivals, welcoming 23.85 million visitors in 2018, which was in turn supported by the Mastercard Global Destination Cities Index that also ranked it the Top City for the fourth consecutive year.

The secondary city in Thailand with the greatest number of visitors in 2018 was Nakhon Si Thammarat with 3.88 million arrivals in 2018, generating 17.136 billion baht in revenue.

Of the 77 provinces, Phuket was the destination with the highest tourist spending in Thailand with an average of 4,951 baht per person per day.

Buri Ram was the destination with the highest growth in the number of Thai tourists in 2018, recording 2.1 million trips that represented a 21 percent increase over 2017, thanks to its sports entertainment status.

China maintained its status as the leading inbound market to Thailand with 10.63 million arrivals in 2018, while tourists from Sweden stayed the longest with an average of 19 days per trip.

Arrivals from Kuwait were the freest spending with an average of 95,330 baht per person per trip.

Almost all (95.89 percent) respondents said that dining on tasty Thai food was the most favorite activity while visiting Thailand.