Son La welcomes 1.8 million visitors over 10-month period

VOV.VN - The northwestern province of Son La received approximately 1.8 million visitors, including 70,000 foreign visitors during the first 10 months of the year, earning an estimated VND 1,200 billion in tourism revenue.

son la welcomes 1.8 million visitors over 10-month period hinh 0
These remarkable figures can be attributed to the province’s tourism promotion activities, the improvements made in overall service quality, the rapid progression of tourism investment projects, and the effective implementation of regional tourism development activities.

In addition, the locality has also fully tapped into its range of community tourism sites, including the villages of Hua Tam, Na Bai, Ang, and Bon in Ngoc Chien commune. 

Furthermore, visitors have the opportunity to experience a tour of the Son La reservoir by boat, enjoy the white clouds overhead in Ta Xua, or relax in the hot mineral springs found in Ngoc Chien commune of Muong La district.

In order to achieve the goal of welcoming 2.5 million visitors this year, the province has invested in human resource training as a means of meeting the necessary requirements for tourism development.

Pham Duy Khuong, deputy director of the Son La Provincial Museum, one of the region’s most historic tourist attractions, said the provincial museum will co-operate with relevant units so as to speed up conservation work and train qualified staff who can better meet the demands of visitors in the future.


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