RoK waives visa fees for ASEAN citizens

VOV.VN -The Ministry of Justice in the Republic of Korea (RoK) have decided to temporarily waive fees for short-term visas for citizens of all ASEAN member states in a bid to boost visitor numbers from the regional grouping and entice people to make business trips.

rok waives visa fees for asean citizens  hinh 0
Photo: Lonely Planet
The news of the exemption was recently released by the Korea Visa Application Center in Hanoi on their official website.

As a result, the appraisal-fee waiver will be applied to people travelling on short-term visas from 10 ASEAN countries, including Vietnam, for three months, starting from October 1, 2019. 

The 10 ASEAN members include Vietnam, the Philippines, Indonesia, Laos, Myanmar, Cambodia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, and Brunei.

The exemption will only be valid for travelers with a duration of stay of less than 90 days on a C-3 short-term visa which is suitable for people travelling to the RoK for activities such as visiting relatives, business trips, medical treatment, sporting events, and research programmes.

It is worth noting that the application fee of VND390,000 remains unchanged as the RoK only offers the appraisal-fee waiver. 


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