Phuket to introduce tour packages for Thai tourists in July

A speed boat service operator in Phuket has invited news correspondents and visitors to take a half-day boat tour, that will cost Thai tourists only 399 baht next month.

phuket to introduce tour packages for thai tourists in july hinh 0
The operator has implemented measures to prevent COVID-19 infections, such as use of the QR code, temperature taking, and the use of hygienic equipment onboard. Each boat can accommodate only up to 20 tourists at a time.

The boats will begin to serve tourists on 15th July. The boat tour will start in Phuket and take the tourists to Koh Kainok island, Koh Kainai island, and Koh Kainui island in Phang Nga province. The outing will include spending around half an hour on each island.

Mr. Nikorn TorMaitree, Managing Director of Sea Angel Cruise Co.,LTD. mentioned that speedboat tour operators have been working together to prepare for the return of Thai tourists by offering the low-cost trip in order to promote domestic tourism.

The government’s policy to encourage domestic tourism and special offers from the tourism sector will help provide incomes for local people, communities and the province.


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