Over 100 electric cars to put into operation in Hoi An

VOV.VN - A fleet of 120 electric cars from the Hoi An Shuttle Bus (HSB) brand are officially set to come into operation in the ancient town of Hoi An with the aim of improving transport activities in a sustainable manner throughout the city.

over 100 electric cars to put into operation in hoi an hinh 0
As planned, HSB will launch 30 electric vehicles in the period between July and October with a fleet of 120 cars being put into action from November.

Tran Trung Quang, business deputy director of HSB, said that an improved transport system will contribute to preserving the urban area. He added that HSB hopes to collaborate with other units in order to preserve Hoi An’s cultural heritage through the implementation of a public means of transport that does not create excessive pollution.

HSB electric cars care able to accommodate between six and 10 people and have been designed and coloured to match the characteristics of the ancient town of Hoi An.

In addition, HSB will also introduce electric vehicles equipped with air conditioners to meet the travel demands of visitors, even in unfavourable weather conditions.

After six months of operation, HSB plans to deploy a booking and tracking system through its website and mobile application. Thanks to the system, guests will be able to purchase daily, weekly, and monthly tickets in addition to having the ability to monitor their journey via mobile apps.

It is hoped that HSB will be versatile in order to accommodate the needs of visitors. Once the product is in full operation, tourists will be able to design their route according to their own itinerary through the website and mobile apps, book cars in advance, and even book tour guides to facilitate their travel plans. 


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