Outbound tours popular during Tet holiday

Tour agencies have opened various programmes for the coming Tet Holiday.

outbound tours popular during tet holiday hinh 0
Many tour agencies launch Tet programmes

Saigontourist has launched their Tet programmes since early September. The holiday will have include a seven-day break, it is expected that tour agencies will receive a large number of family tours. More young people are also travelling with friends.

A survey conducted by Fiditour shows that family groups still prefer to buy a complete package but their demand for quality has increased. There are customers whose focus is not visiting destinations and would only book plane tickets and hotel rooms.

Office workers are travelling more and more and like unique tours. This group often travel during Tet Holiday to relax. Tran Thi Bao Thu, Fiditour's director of marketing and communications, said they had launched many tours to Australia, Bhutan and Europe to attract this group of tourists with cuisine and cultural exploration.

 Truong Thi Thu Giang from Vietravel said some tours would be popular this year like the tour to explore Fukushima and Bhutan.

 Fiditour predicted that the number of visitors booking outbound tours will be higher than inbound tours, accounting for 60% of the total Tet Holiday customers.

Other agencies agreed that tours to Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia will still be popular thanks to reasonable prices. The tours to China, the Republic of Korea and Japan are also continuing to attract many visitors.

 Tran The Dung, deputy director of The He Tre Travel, said the prices this year wouldn't change too much as they have more options with new airlines.

 "We'll open new domestic tours in Quang Ninh and Central Highlands to make a difference. We hope the number of customers will increase by 30-40% compared to the same period last year," he said.