Black sesame sweet soup, a popular dessert in Hoi An

Black sesame sweet soup, a sweet, commonly served after meals as a mid afternoon snack, is a smooth and luscious soup with a rich toasted sesame taste that’s particularly popular in Hoi An ancient city.

black sesame sweet soup, a popular dessert in hoi an hinh 0

The dish was imported to Hoi An from Fujian Province in China when Chinese traders came to this city long time ago. For a dessert that’s so elegant, black sesame soup is surprisingly easy to make, requiring only a handful of ingredients such as black sesame, coconut, rice flour, sugar, sinh a (Radix Rehmanniae) and thuc a (Rehmannia glutinosa).

The dish is cooked in a metal pot and is usually sold by street vendors. This sweet soup is the tastiest when it is served hot.

The dish is served hot in small portion; very mild, not too sweet and is claimed to be very good for health.

Nhan Dan

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