Tra fish processors oppose DOC’s new tax rates

(VOV) - Vietnamese Tra (pangasius) fish processors have voiced their strong opposition to the US Department of Commerce’s recent decision to impose high anti-dumping taxes on frozen Tra fish fillets imported from Vietnam.

The DOC on September 3 chose Indonesia as the benchmark country to calculate anti-dumping taxes on the Vietnamese products, reasoning Vietnam is a non-market economy.  

tra fish processors oppose doc’s new tax rates hinh 0

In a communiqué released on September 6, the Vietnam association of Tra fish processors described the DOC decision as unreasonable, citing the fact that Indonesia’s GDP per capita income is higher than Vietnam’s and its fish farming technique is different from Vietnam.

The DOC decision has resulted in high tax rates imposed on Vietnamese products, affecting Vietnam’s fishery industry.

The association said the US has imposed annual high anti-dumping duties on Vietnamese tra fillet imports over the years, impacting the sales of the products on the US market and running counter to comprehensive cooperation between the two countries.

The association proposed that the DOC, Congress and relevant US agencies reconsider calculations and use Bangladesh as the benchmark country to replace Indonesia.