Telecom revenue in H1 reaches US$4.11 billion

Vietnam’s telecom revenue in the first half of the year reached US$4.11 billion, according to information released at the conference reviewing information and communications tasks, held by the Ministry of Information and Communications on July 12.

telecom revenue in h1 reaches us$4.11 billion hinh 0
The report showed Vietnam has around 84 million 2G subscribers and 38 million 3G subscribers. The number of fixed landline subscribers slightly declined while the number of broadband internet subscribers continued increasing. 

Truong Minh Tuan, Minister of Information and Communications, said information and communications tasks have been implemented well in the first half of this year, including preventing and handling false or inciting information. 

The ministry said it has focused on implementing the National Planning for Journalism Development and Management until 2025, providing information on human rights to media agencies and promoting the Law on Journalism, as well as providing online public service level III in the publishing and printing sectors. 

In the last six months of 2016, the ministry will continue implementing tasks concerning the Constitution, the 12th Party Congress Resolution and other resolutions. 

At the conference, agencies and units discussed the implementation of the Law on Cybersecurity and the new Law on Journalism.-

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