Panasonic Eneloop rechargeable batteries mark 10th anniversary

Japanese electronics giant Panasonic has just launched “Eneloop Solar Storage Battery” as a new series of eneloop rechargeable batteries to mark eneloop 10th anniversary.

This special event remarks the development of eneloop battery, a category of “rechargeable battery” and one of the leading brands on the global market in the last 10 years, from 2015. 

The eneloop has been sold in over 80 countries in the world and has been developing continuously to ensure a new life full of energy for everybody. 

Eneloop rechargeable battery has three products lineup with outstanding advantages convenient with human-use, such as for travel needs, working, or daily use. 

All eneloop have “ready to use” function to help consumers to use battery immediately at purchase and 65 per cent energy in five years is remaining after full charged. 

And they are available from premium model “eneloop Pro” with 2,550mAh capacity, standard “eneloop” with 2,000mAh capacity and 2,100 times life cycle, then currently it is also available of entry model “eneloop light “ with 3,000 times cycle in the Vietnamese market.

In its 10th anniversary of eneloop batteries, Panasonic hopes to introduce the most effective generation of eneloop battery which is eco-friendly, high quality and highly committed to the Japan technologies. 

The products lineup in this anniversary includes eneloop PRO (black), eneloop LITE (blue), eneloop (white) and Solar Storage which possesses three concepts: creating energy through solar panel, storing energy in battery and outputting power for many batteries appliances. 

Solar Storage is a perfect & essential solution for consumers who are using un-sustainable energy, and it brings a save cost, clean & eco-friendly energy to users.

Panasonic is proud to be a leading batteries’ supplier, from primary batteries to professional rechargeable batteries all over the world. 

In Vietnam, Panasonic batteries have been invested and developed to innovate a new life style through using high quality, efficient & energy saving products.