Methodical approach to exporting aquatic products to US suggested

Commercial Counsellor and head of the Vietnam Trade Office in the US Bui Huy Son has said Vietnamese firms should take a methodical approach to exporting aquatic products to the US.

methodical approach to exporting aquatic products to us suggested hinh 0

He made the statement during an interview with Vietnam News Agency following the US Department of Commerce’s 13th administrative review on countervailing duties on frozen tra fillets imported from Vietnam from August 1, 2015 – July 31, 2016 ended with record high taxation, triple that of the 12th review. 

Son said the Ministry of Industry and Trade has clearly expressed its stance on the taxation in its announcement, that it is unfair and reflects inappropriate protectionism. 

The Vietnam Association of Seafood Exporters and Processors also issued an announcement affirming that the DOC’s calculation method is improper and biased and asked the DOC to reconsider the tax on frozen tra fillets imported from Vietnam. 

Asked about what Vietnam could do to change the DOC’s decision, Son said after the ninth administrative review when the DOC refused to reconsider its decision in 2013, Vietnam later filed a complaint to the US Court of International Trade. Even if the court’s ruling, which often takes 3-4 years, is inappropriate, Vietnam could file a complaint to the US Court of Federal Claims. 

According to him, the US will continue enforcing new regulations, including the Food Safety Modernisation Act, which requires exporters to provide information regarding fishing locations and vehicles, preservation, transportation, processing and distribution. 

Therefore, the State, local agencies and associations need to store and digitalise such information to make it readily available when necessary, he said.  

Together with efforts of aquatic exporters, relevant associations, the ministries of Industry and Trade, and Agriculture and Rural Development, the media also plays a significant role in raising public awareness of fishing and aquatic processing which ensures safety and meet importers’ requirements, Son added.