Dong Nai enjoys over US$1-billion trade surplus in H1

The southern province of Dong Nai enjoyed a trade surplus of over US$1 billion in the first six months of 2018.

dong nai enjoys over us$1-billion trade surplus in h1 hinh 0
Shoe production in a business in Dong Nai (Source:
According to the provincial People’s Committee, the total export turnover of businesses in the locality exceeded US$9 billion in the reviewed period, while the import value was US$7.95 billion, year-on-year rises of 12.6% and 7.12%, respectively.

The province’s main exports recorded significant growth, including footwear (7.19%), garment and textiles (4.49%), textile fibre (17.7%), machinery and components (15.05%), iron and steel products (21.6%), and computer, electronic products and spare parts (37.8%).

The committee said that the growth was attributed to stable world economy, favourable export markets, more orders from abroad, and increases in export prices of several commodities.

Dong Nai’s main export markets were the US, the European Union, the Republic of Korea, China and Japan.

Meanwhile, businesses in the province mainly imported products from China, the Republic of Korea, and Taiwan (China), which accounted for 50% of its import turnover. The locality mainly imported fabric, fibre, footwear materials, chemicals, iron and steel.

To achieve the target of US$18.3 billion in export turnover this year, the province will intensify assistance for businesses, especially small- and medium-sized enterprises and startups, and build a mechanism to encourage businesses to invest in rural agriculture.

More efforts will be taken to improve the investment environment, speed up administrative reform, and create favourable conditions to promote products and trademark and raise export value, particularly for agricultural products.

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