Business forum discusses green growth

Green growth and sustainable development were key subjects discussed at a business forum held by the Vietnam Economics Times in Hanoi on March 14.

Participants said that the two trends are key strategies that enterprises should to look for in the future.

They stressed that green growth supports enterprises outline their specific short-and long-term development.

Participants also noted that the sustainable development should be built based on the foundation of information transparency to enhance prestige of businesses and improve confidence of customers.

According to Vice President of the Vietnam Steel Association Le Phuoc Vu, enterprises should pay attention to developing their green growth strategies by building environmentally friendly and energy-saving production facilities.

They should also turn any limitation of resources into an advantage, thinking outside the box to promote growth and reduce negative effects on the environment, Phuoc said.

Vietnam’s steel sector is said to remain small-scale with outdated technology and high production costs, while labour productivity and competitiveness are limited. Therefore it consumes a great volume of energy and fuel.

Attendees said that it is necessary for the sector to develop production technology that can save energy and seek clean energy sources to reduce environmental pollution.

VNA/VOV online