Business confidence improves

Business confidence improved in Vietnam while faster-growing economies focused on sustainable growth, according to a new survey.

According to a business-confidence index survey by Regus, which claims to be the world's biggest provider of flexible work space, business confidence in Vietnam has increased from 109 points in April 2013 to 118, just above the global average of 113 points.

The report also indicated that Vietnamese businesses wanted to improve staff retention and find cost-effective service providers over the next 12 months, in a bid to lower costs and preserve expansion plans.

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The gap in business confidence between mature and fast-growing economies fell as efficiency gains and improved competitiveness bolstered growth in emerging markets.

Findings also showed that firms prioritised cost-saving initiatives, ranging from talent retention to flexible work conditions, to improve gains on existing assets and enable fast and flexible expansions.

While mature economies are showing confidence gains as their economic outlook turns positive, the emerging world is slowing the pace of growth as businesses aim to become increasingly efficient to promote productivity," said Regus Vietnam manager Serge Dupaux.

Meanwhile, the report also showed companies revenue growth in Vietnam fell from 55% to 50%.

The top four outcomes for Vietnam included improved staff retention (58%), cost effective services providers (42%), higher return on investment on marketing and advertising (38%) and less fixed office space (33%). 

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