Vietnamese men’s football team conclude the year ranked first in SEA

VOV.VN - The Vietnamese men’s national football team has finished 2019 ranked as the best team in Southeast Asia, according to the latest FIFA rankings for December.

vietnamese men’s football team conclude the year ranked first in sea hinh 0

In total, the national team conclude the year with 1,258 points, placing them as the 14th best team in Asia and the 94th best team in the world.

Topping the Asian region are Japan at 28th in the world, followed closely by Iran at 33rd in the world. Further down the list are Republic of Korea ranked at 40th, with Australia at 42nd, and Asian Cup winners Qatar at 55th.

In regards to Southeast Asia, Vietnam are the leading in the latest version of the global rankings with Thailand following in second position, with 1,178 points and ranked 113th in the world. Below the Thai national team are the Philippines ranked as the region’s third best team.

There is no change at the top end of December’s FIFA rankings with Belgium leading the way on 1,765 points. Rounding off the rest of the top five teams are France (1,733 points), Brazil (1,712 points), the UK (1,661 points), and Uruguay (1,645 points).

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