Quang Liem ranks sixth at Gibraltar Masters

VOV.VN - Vietnamese chess player Le Quang Liem recently got 7 points after 10 matches, a performance which placed him sixth on the rankings at Gibraltar Masters Chess Festival 2019 and receiving a bonus of US$2,200 in prize money.

quang liem ranks sixth at gibraltar masters hinh 0

In his last two matches, he faced Chinese and Spanish rivals. Quang Liem (Elo rating 2,714) lost to Chinese rival Yu Yangyi (Elo rating 2,764) after 40 moves.

He then defeated Spanish rival Jaime Santos Latasa (Elo rating 2581) after 41 moves. 

At Gibraltar Masters, Quang Liem had five wins, four draws, and one lose. His Elo rating rose to 2,715 and ranked 32nd in the world ranking list. 

 The championship title went to Vladislav Artemiev (Elo rating 2,709) with 8.5 points. 


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